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Heat Shrink Packaging Machine
Heat Shrink Packaging Machine is widely used for shrink wrapping of products with Poly Voly, PVC / LDPE film. It helps in putting the product into sealing bag manually then pass it to the shrink tunnel to finish the packaging. This is the most popular & economical combination with wide range of usage, it is possible to adjust its size. These machines can be moved on castors. Any unskilled worker can use as operating system is simple. Shrink machines find application in industries such as stationery, cosmetic, pharma, confectionery, welding rods, plastics, food and many more.
specification S.T. 310 S.T. 210 S.T. 110
power consumption 440 v + n + e 440 v + n + e 220 v + n+ e
machine diamension 1500 x 550 x 1400 1200 x 500 x 1300 1000 x 430 x 1200
lxwxh (m/m)
tunnel diamension 900 x 550 x 510 900 x 500 x 410 900 / 430 / 250
lxwxh (m/m)
heater (kw) 6 5 4
temp (°c) 250°c max. 200°c max. 200°c max.
motor gear motor DC 1/4 hp x 1 gear motor ac1/4hpx 1-ac 1/8 hp x 1 gear motor a/c l/6 hp x 1
conveyour speed variable constant constant

Along with our range of best quality packaging machines, we are able to manufacture, supply and export top quality array of heat shrink packing machine. These heat shrink packing machines are great for packaging various products which uses pvc, pof, pp, ldpe and other shrink sleeves materials. Our heat shrink packing machines allow different settings for temperature control, speed and sizes of packaging. These heat shrink packing machines are energy efficient and have excellent strength for wide variety of packing application.

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